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Connected Hearts

Two souls on the same transmission~

Sungie and Wook - The dork and The singer
23 April 1987
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coffeinatednight : Maybe we should start with something like I'm weird and you're sane
Ryou84 : Ah you mean like always? (*teases*)
Ryou84 : (*coughs*)
coffeinatednight : DDDDD: (*gasp*) You know you were supposed to say : "Nooo you' aren't weird.. just random or lame" (*pouts*)
Ryou84 : (*gasps*) You should've told me that before, really!
(*cuddles*) But you know what? It doesn't matter wether you're insane or just random and lame, I love you anyways! (*kisses*)
coffeinatednight : (*thinking*) You... are hiding your evil part with your cuteness DDDDDD:
coffeinatednight : (*hands on my hips*) Remember? You're wookie and I'm sungie.
I'm the weird and those things. You're the sane and good girl~!
Ryou84 : (*blinks innocently*) I'm hiding it very well, it seems XD
Ryou84 : But really... sane? Maybe... good? I don't think so in general^^
coffeinatednight : Good... Don't let nobody else to now that. You're the evil mind behind the carismatic dork and then, we will conquer the world 8DDDDDDDD
Ryou84 : Don't worry, I won't... I'm not stupid to reveal my hidden ace just yet (*winks*)
Yeah, let's conquer the world and then we make Donghae the leader because I really want to see a world led by Donghae logic XD
coffeinatednight : Over my dead body! D:! I should prefer SungMin ruling the world with his pinks and fluffies.. those cute rabbits... over Dong Hae making interstellar's treaties~!
coffeinatednight : Even Siwon s a good candidate for ruling the world... but you know, religion means revolutions and those things... and you know how Siwon is with the world domination's idea.
Ryou84 : nah not Siwonnie, that wouldn't do any good...
Let me think.... Sungminnie alone I think could work but really only if Kyu isn't anywhere near since honestly this kid's mind works in weird ways sometimes and that could ruin all our work...
But interstellae treaties? Sounds not so bad to me... the world first, and then the whole universe? XD Suju-verse XD
We could let Teukie be leader... that would be world's leadership of fail XD
coffeinatednight : I don't know... and what we would do with the other planets? I think that just missing this world would be enough.
Yeah, but if Kyu and Sung Min are ruling together... we will have problems and civil's wars and those things.. I think they can be ministers....
Teukie? Mmmmm.... I don't think so... maybe Kibum?
coffeinatednight : Teukie as world's ruler would be more of the same.
Ryou84 : Ah better not, I might get the idea to try StarCraft strategies in real-life...
Okay You'll rule the world and I'll be your first lady and the stay the evil mind behind the things^^
coffeinatednight : Anyway, I was thinking on Shindongie.. the funny ones always gets everything at the first request.
But well, I don't mind it. Should we start? : D?
Ryou84 : Shindong will be second in command^^
coffeinatednight : Yay for shindong! 8DDDD
Ryou84: (*nodsnods*) He too has an evil mind sometimes XD

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About us, in General

Okey, Talking about this journal and that (bulshit) stuff.
With Wookie (ryou_no_baka) and me (noiseless_night), we created this journal to post roleplayings (and love messages XD~!) and write some fanfics. Yehwook love. Yup. (*nodsnodssmilesmile*). Yehwook. (Actually, we haven't talked so much about this journal. We just... made it~! XD~! But yeah, basically, we are writting Yehwook love here.)
Feel free to request fanfics, any genre (please, not angst T_T do not break our hearts~), any rating (well, I don't have problem xD~! But I need Wook's consent. xD~!)
That's all for now ^^!
With Love, Sungie.

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Love is a moment that lasts forever....
-- Yehwook love

You don't need to sing or dance to be my Love.
Just SAY it and DO it.

-- Yehwook love